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81c00c823b4e1246b5bcea6192fa2d54 by ImDishonorable
i decided to make a horror story.


Sleep was the only thing on my mind.

My eyes were longing for me to shut them.

It's like I can feel my bed right now in the driver seat.

I dug my nails into my skin to keep me awake.

"5 more minutes until I'm there" I repeated in my mind

I popped out a cigarette.

I then looked at the time on my phone it read 11:10

a puff of smoke then left my mouth.

I looked to the left into the window to see my reflection, Smiling?

that isn't right, i'm just tired thats all.

I rubbed my eyes, and to what I expected, it was back to normal.

After what seemed like forever I made it to my house.

After getting settled I got my phone out and texted my friend

Kai:Yo Caleb you still awake?

I took one last puff and threw the cigarette away.

As I walked to my room I felt a chill run down my spine, like as if someone was breathing down my back.

I felt a buzz in my pocket and took out my phone

Caleb: Sure am, whats up?

I tapped away

Kai:Want to do something tomorrow?

Caleb:Sure, but didn't you text me saying you were going with your girlfriend to a movie or something?

I was confused at this point. My girlfriend died in a car crash

Kai:playing a joke about my ded girlfriend haha not cool

Caleb:Wait your girlfriend died? Sorry bruv i didnt know. But then why did you text me about you still hanging out with her?

I then started to suspect he was playin with me

Kai:Bru i didn't talk to you since last monday.

Caleb: umm ya you did today, you said how you and her were gonna be "reunited" whatever that meant

Kai: umm no i didn't
As soon as I tapped sent, I hear something move downstairs

Kai: brb I think my cat is hungry so he's knocking stuff down.

I walk downstairs to see Nigel nowhere in sight.

"Nigel!" I yelled thinking he'll probably come out of his little spot he likes to sleep in

Instead of hearing the cute meowing he usually does I hear clicking.

Click, click,click

This is when my mind goes on lock down mode.

I went into the kitchen, unlocked a drawer which contained a M1911

I tiptoe to my room and lock the door.

I take my phone out and immediately text Caleb.

Kai:YO! S0me0ne's in my house!

Caleb:Wait really?! Call the cops!

I then hear running outside the room. Whatever it is, it definitely wasn't human.

I turn off the phone.

You know the little slits under a door? well I looked under and what I saw will Never leave my head.

I get on my knees and looked under the doorway to see a pair of feet, not normal feet they were gray and had wounds on them. Not only that but blood seemed to run down them. The worst part was that they were facing the door.

I jolt backwards praying to god.


It was a girls voice, not any normal voice but my girlfriend Kylie's voice

Kylie:Kai please open the door I just want to embrace and kiss you~

I was extremely tempted to open the door. But I was smart enough not too.

I slid down the wall crying, I wished for a miracle to happen.

Kylie:If you wont open the door I will.

This is when my heart jumps up my throat.

The door then crashed open and hit the opposite wall.

A normal looking hand touched the wall then a whole body appeared.

It was Kylie she was normal, her body had no bruises or wounds. Her skin wasn't even grey.

Kylie:Kai I missed you so much! <3

She ran up to me and hugged me.

I was in total shock, but I hugged her.

Last thing I needed was to piss her off.

Kai:Kylie h-how is this possible?

Kylie:Don't worry Kai i'm back, I also made the annoyances to our relationship disappear~

Kai:Wait, what do you mean?

Kylie:Caleb, your family, I made them disappear.

I then get confused to how I was talking to Caleb over the phone.

I look at Kylie's pockets to see she has his phone.

My heart then shuts down.

tears were starting to appear at the corner of my eyes.

This wasn't my girlfriend this is a monster.

I slowly reached for my gun in my back pocket.

Kai:Y-Yeah you're r-right they were just people who needed to be dead.

I then put the gun to her temple and pulled the trigger.

A splatter of blood hit my face like as if someone popped a cherry.

I wiped the blood and tears off my face to see she was dead.

I cried myself dry.

Then, a weird feeling hit me really hard.

My body felt as if something were trying to take all control. It was clawing its way inside of me.

I then couldn't breathe

I grabbed at my throat and fell on my knees.

I then heard a voice in my head that wasn't human.

??:Ahh finally she was extremely annoying, she was a real fighter.
Things you could want to know about me.

1.Im a california boy

2.Im a gamer, mainly on pc

3.My favorite band is 5SOS i'm a guy so thats rare

4.I'm an anime sorta guy. My fav anime by far is Code Geass

5.Im known as a bad boy, my teachers say i talk back to them, and that i talk constantly during class. The Staff also said she doesn't like the outfits that i wear.

6.My parents got divorced when i was 12

7.I used to be in Depression

8.Im hella tan

9.I always go to the beach especially at dawn

10.Im a loner :T


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