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Joker! Male Reader x Cinder Pt.5
Welcome to another part of this series Enjoi!
                                                                                                      (Kai's POV)
It's been weeks since that battle happened. We told Tevin and Harley about what happened including Future me. Anyways we told Ozpin he was my older twin who came to visit me. He bought it surprisingly and let him stay for about a 2 months and gave him a bigger uniform. A lot of things happened since that time. Right now we were in our second semester. Team RWBY were really interested in the White Fang and find
:iconimdishonorable:ImDishonorable 3 11
Kai (Casual)  by ImDishonorable Kai (Casual) :iconimdishonorable:ImDishonorable 1 0 Team JSTR (RWBY) For Male Reader insert by ImDishonorable Team JSTR (RWBY) For Male Reader insert :iconimdishonorable:ImDishonorable 0 5
Joker! Male Reader x Cinder Pt.4
Sorry the part took a while I had to get rid of some issues anyway onward to the story!
I also decided to change up the characters dialogue to make it less sloppy looking 
:iconimdishonorable:ImDishonorable 10 14
Ed and Rummy (Boondocks) by ImDishonorable Ed and Rummy (Boondocks) :iconimdishonorable:ImDishonorable 2 0
Joker! Male Reader x Cinder Pt.3
We made it to part 3! Thanks for the support guys it means a lot especially since this is my first male reader fic. Anyway... Onwards to the story!
(F/F) - Favorite Food
(H/C) - Hair Color
                                                                                                             (F/n)'s POV
     I was having a strange dream. I saw a boy, probably around 13 or 14. I saw the kid walking outside on a street at night. I followed him as he turned to the left.
(Kid) - *sigh* My parents are arguing about money again.
:iconimdishonorable:ImDishonorable 15 9
Joker! Male Reader x Cinder Pt.2
What's up guys back at it again with another part. 
                                                                                         (Roman's POV)
       I was back at headquarters laying on a couch having a drink of wine. I changed into a more comfortable sitting position. As of now, I was having a conversation with Cinder who was sitting at her desk. To be honest I think she's annoyed with me, so I tried to move towards a more interesting subject.
(Roman) - Hey Cinder, during the fight the other night I saw an interesting fellow.
:iconimdishonorable:ImDishonorable 17 27
Joker! Male Reader x Cinder Pt. 1
Hey guys Dishonorable here or you can call me Kai whatever you prefer. So here starts the story. This is my first Male Reader Fic so please don't discriminate me. Anyways to the story hope you like it.
:iconimdishonorable:ImDishonorable 23 13
Joker! Male Reader x Cinder (Intro)
The Story revolves around the Killing Joke comic
(Y/n) - You
(W/n) - Wife
(Y/n) (L/n) was your average man. He had a pregnant wife who loved him dearly. He worked as a comedian, he felt that in order to be happy was to make other people happy so thats how his job came about. There was one problem though he didn't have a lot of money. He and his wife lived inside of a apartment in Vale. Today was another day for him. He came home from work and opened the door to find his loving wife waiting for him. The door creaks as he shuts it.
(W/n) - So how'd it go, did they like the act?
(Y/n) - (sighs) well they said they would call me, I got nervous and blew a punchline.
He set his fedora down and walked over and sat at the table across from (W/n). (Y/n) was under stress as he had his hands over his head. He heard (W/n) mutter a Oh and he got a lit
:iconimdishonorable:ImDishonorable 23 12
Mature content
Tappy Crow :iconimdishonorable:ImDishonorable 0 0
Regrets part 2
As I reached the bottom of the stairs I noticed something odd. Were those big footprints always there? Two frighteningly large footprints had been left on the floor. There was something odd about them though…they didn’t look human. Too big, four toes, and they were round. My imagination quickly got the better of me, and I could feel the panic rising quickly. I was starting to feel nauseous, even more so when I realized the footsteps were leading to the room that Dave was in. I glanced at the front door, it was open. I could leave right now, run home, and tell my parents to call the police; we didn’t have cell phones back then. But I didn’t do any of that, I just kept walking towards the locked room.
The door was open, and I could see shadows dancing on the door frame. There were two shadows, one big one small. The larger shadow was pounding into the smaller one. I could hear the blows landing. Thump…thump, thump thump. Each time it hit, Dave would whimper.
:iconimdishonorable:ImDishonorable 0 0
Mature content
Regrets/PT 1 :iconimdishonorable:ImDishonorable 0 0
Me by ImDishonorable Me :iconimdishonorable:ImDishonorable 0 0


Nami. nude tag. by sakimichan
Mature content
Nami. nude tag. :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 2,331 0
Nami .nsfw optional. by sakimichan Nami .nsfw optional. :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 7,585 187 X Ahri .yuri tag. by sakimichan
Mature content X Ahri .yuri tag. :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 4,275 0
Holy Trinity of Youtube + SPEEDPAINT by Konoira Holy Trinity of Youtube + SPEEDPAINT :iconkonoira:Konoira 3,218 135
Rebirth: Samus x Male corrupted! Reader Part 3!
Hello erribody who reads DIS story! Welcome to the Chapter three to Rebirth!
I deeply apoligize for the long arse wait!!! xD i had this chapter done and forgot it existed xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
This is kinda a funny chapter cx >0
:iconkinglykingsofburrito:Kinglykingsofburrito 14 3
Mature content
War and Love ( Ana x Male!Reader ) :iconpsajchol:Psajchol 41 15
Misty by sakimichan Misty :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 18,471 461
Mature content
Prison of Love: The accomplice :icontevintaffy:TevinTaffy 3 15
Nick n Judy by sakimichan Nick n Judy :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 28,075 900 Mia Winters by Esther-Shen Mia Winters :iconesther-shen:Esther-Shen 634 48
Yang cheater x Male x Winter! Mistakes! Part 8
Sorry for the wait, but part 8 is here!!!! Let's find out if (y/n) and Winter will make up! ONTO THE READ!
???: ...(y/n).
You heard a voice calling your name.
???: ...(y/n)!
You tossed to one side...
???: ...(Y/N)!!!!
You jolted up... But... You weren't in the bedroom... You were sitting in a chair... In a dark room, with a single light hanging in front of you.
(y/n): What the?-
You then covered your mouth, and a tear streamed down your face.
(y/n): M-my voice! It's back!!!
You got up from the chair, and jumped up and down, you were so happy you could hear your own voice again... You then looked around.
(y/n): Hello? Anyone there?
???: Come to me child.
You saw a shadowed figure walk towards you.
(y/n): Who are you? How is my voice back? Where am I?
The figure sighed.
???: In time... You will know.
The figure walked over, and touched your head... Y
:iconnubsthecaterpie:NubsTheCaterpie 94 90
Monochrome (Fem!Rin x Male!Demon!Reader) Part 2
[Part One]
Monochrome AU:Everyone sees in black/white tones until they meet their soulmate.
You stuffed your hands into your pockets, sighed, and kicked a stone down the road. From underneath your hood, you could see the raindrops that pelted the earth relentlessly. The weather looked as bleak as your mood.
You had come back to True Cross Academy Town for the first time in ten years. It didn't look like it had change much, but the barriers had been a lot harder for you to cross than the last time you'd been here. Before you'd walked out of Rin's wedding.
A frown distorted your face, and you turned your gaze down to the cobblestone streets. You'd done your best to keep her out of your head for the past decade. It hadn't been easy, but you'd been trying. Now something had drawn you back. You weren't even sure if Rin was still here anymore, or what had happened to her and B
:iconshadowsbyday:ShadowsByDay 110 2,578
jackson by saekkie jackson :iconsaekkie:saekkie 17 11 Sweet dreams by Natello Sweet dreams :iconnatello:Natello 985 73 Oh the werewolf by Natello Oh the werewolf :iconnatello:Natello 776 54 Slytherin by Natello Slytherin :iconnatello:Natello 1,002 67



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Hey guys Dishonorable/Kai here. Welcome to the request page. Here, you can start requesting stories for me to write. But Before that happens I have to finish the Joker Reader story before I'll do anything. Anyways heres the rules. 1st I don't do lemon. 2nd When commenting on what you want the story to be, you have to give a brief description on how you look, weapons, and personality. And you have to give me a little sample on what the story is gonna be about. 3rd, I don't do Yaoi, or in other words Homosexual. And lastly, I only do Male reader stories. Some of the anime, shows, games that I know fully are shown below. BTW I don't do harems either.


- Akame Ga Kill

- Highschool DxD (I don't know it fully but it wouldn't hurt to do a little research.)

- Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

- Tokyo Ghoul


TV Shows

Most of the shows I watch mainly consist of the Marvel and DC Universe. So I pretty much know everything on those subjects. 


Video Games

- Overwatch

- Assassins Creed

- Mortal Kombat
Welcome to another part of this series Enjoi!

                                                                                                      (Kai's POV)

It's been weeks since that battle happened. We told Tevin and Harley about what happened including Future me. Anyways we told Ozpin he was my older twin who came to visit me. He bought it surprisingly and let him stay for about a 2 months and gave him a bigger uniform. A lot of things happened since that time. Right now we were in our second semester. Team RWBY were really interested in the White Fang and finding out what they're planning, we decided to help out. So as of now me and Future me were walking around Vale trying to see if we can find any hints. I looked up at the sky which had dark clouds. It looked like it was gonna rain.

"Hey Kai, can I show show you something?" Future me asked.

"Umm sure." I replied.

It was kind of weird because his behavior was different. Either way I followed him. We walked for about 15 minutes. He eventually led me to an abandoned building. He walked up to the roof with me following. He looked out from the roof and and put his hands in his pockets. I walked by his side confused.

"What're we doing here." I asked looking at him.

He looked at me with sadness and looked down. Now I knew something was really up.

"I need you to promise me." he mumbled.

"Sure, anything man." I said trying to cheer him up.

He sat down and dangled his legs from the roof, and I did the same. I saw him starting to pull something out from his wallet. I was intrigued to what it was. He eventually pulled out something that looked like a photograph. He looked at it for a minute before eventually passing it to me. I slowly grabbed it curious to what i'll see. What I saw made my heart skip a beat. It was a selfie of Yang and I kissing by a tree at night with the stars out. I looked next to us and saw a pit bull lying there. 

"You do eventually get the girl, but then I learned not every story has a happy ending." He said with the wind breezing through his hair.

"What happened." I asked.

He didn't answer and looked down.

"What happened to her!" I demanded loudly.

He looked up from his hands,"There was a mission that both teams JSTR, RWBY, and JNPR made, that caused her to be killed." He closed his eyes looking away. 

I was shocked. I was kind of happy since I found out Yang will be my girlfriend but also sad because I learned that she dies. 

"Look, as of now I need you to be by her side at all times." He said.

"How'd she die?" I asked.

"Murdered." He said.

Maybe if I figured out who she was killed by I could stop it from happening.

"By who." I asked quickly.

He stood up and backed away, "That's for you to find out. If I told you the speed force could get upset with me." He said. 

I looked out and noticed it started raining. After a few minutes lightning followed. The strange thing was is that it was blue.

"Hey can you stand over there for a moment." He asked

I was confused by his question but agreed and moved back by a couple steps. 

"Why Exactly?" I questioned.

"No reason... By the way you might want to take a deep breath." He replied.

"What, Why?" I asked.

Before I could even react, a loud boom was heard above me and suddenly I felt electricity burning through my body causing extreme pain. I screamed in agony. It felt like a hour before it eventually stopped. I fainted and fell with smoke fading off of my body.

                                                                                                       (Future Kai's POV)

I'm sorry I had to put him through that but It was the only way. I grabbed his arm and hauled him onto my shoulder. I was gonna have to bring him back to the dorms. I sped my way to the Beacon. As I was walking down inside the building everybody was giving concerned looks to why theres a knocked out student on my shoulder. The teachers did the same but didn't bother as if it was normal for them. I eventually made it to the dorm. I set Kai down on the bed. Step 1 was a success, I thought as I walked out of the room.

                                                                                                             (F/n's POV)

Tevin and I were currently with Yang and Neptune. We stopped in front of a club that had music blasting.

"Uhh Yang aren't we supposed to be looking for information?" Tevin asked.

"Yeah this is where he's at." She replied.

Tevin and I looked at each other before shrugging. We started walking in through the entrance when we saw Security with terrified faces before running in the main room and slamming the doors shut. I tried opening the door to no avail.

"It's unfortunately locked." I said looking back at the others.

"Allow me." Yang said pushing me out of the way.

She cracked her fingers before kicking the doors down. We walked in with having everyone looking at us.

"Well that's one way to make an entrance." I said with a laugh.

My laugh ended when they all pointed the guns in our direction. And with the music ending.

"Uhh so what's your definition of friend." Tevin asked.

A guy came out from the crowd ordering his men to don't shoot. He shifted his collar

"Blondie, you're here. Why?" He asked.

"You still owe me a drink." She ordered grabbing him by the arm.

We turned to the right to see Tevin getting grabbed by the arms by two identical twins. I laughed and Neptune looked jealous.

We sat at the counter and poured her and himself a drink. He took a swig

"Look I don't know" He said placing his cup down.

"How could you not know?" Yang asked crossing her arms.

"I haven't talked to him. I haven't even seen him, since the night you first came here." He said clearly annoyed. 

"He paid up front, I lended him my men and none of them ever came back." He said slamming the table.

"So where'd they go?" Neptune asked him.

"What the hell kind of stupid question is that? They never came back. Who is this guy." Junior asked while pointing to Neptune.

"Don't worry about him worry about me if I don't find out what I want." She said angrily.

"I already told you everything! Torchwick hired my boys I guess he wasn't happy with them. Which is something I can relate to!" He looked at his men who were whistling pretending they weren't listening.

"Cmon guys, we won't be able to find info from this place." She said with us tagging along.

"So...did we get everything we need?" I asked the blonde.

"Well we got everything we can. Lets hope the rest of the teams got better luck." She said as we walked out.

I turned around to see the girls sad that Tevin had to leave.

"Call us!" They yelled after him.

"Heh, looks like someones got girlfriends" I said nudging him.

"Tch I do not. Besides I already have someone else on my mind." He muttered the last part.

"Hmm I wonder who this person would be." I wondered while chuckling

                                                                                        (Timeskip brought to you by Kai)

                                                                                                 (Younger Kai's POV)

I woke up with a jolt, I was sweating madly. I looked at my hands and noticed they were vibrating at a extremely fast rate. My body felt like it was going through some sort of meltdown. I checked for my weapons to find out they broke while getting struck. I stood up from my bed and almost fell over. I looked at the mirror, my body was vibrating fast as well. I was almost going into shock. What's happening to me, I wondered in my head. Then I remembered, KAI DID THIS! I had to look for him. I walked out of the dorm room. I fell a couple of times. As I walked towards the entrance people looked at me with weird looks. I'm guessing seeing my body vibrate crazily is supernatural. Suddenly I felt a splitting headache. I HAD to find him. I felt like running when suddenly I felt myself run at amazing speed. I found myself in the middle of Vale. I looked at the sky and realized it was night time. 

"W-What the hell?" I stuttered looking at myself.

"Looks like you've woke up already." I heard someone behind me.

I turned around to find none other than Future me standing there with a smirk.

"What'd you do to me!" I demanded.

In a blink of an eye he appeared in front of me.

"I didn't do anything, the speed force did this to you." He said smiling.

"You have to help me!" I begged.

Blue electricity started forming around his body and he smiled,"You're gonna have to catch me first." He teased.

Then suddenly he ran down the street with blue lightning on his trail. I growled and sped after him. He kept taking twists and turns which was a little easy for me. We dodged cars and civilians. Eventually I saw him heading for a dead end. I chuckled knowing i'll get him. He wasn't slowing down though, I was gonna grab him when he somehow PHASED through the wall. 

"WHAT!?" I stammered, before I came crashing into the wall.

I fell with a thud and groaned in pain. He quickly appeared in front of me with electricity still around him sparking. He crouched down and looked at me.

"Feels amazing don't it." He chuckled.

"Being one of the fastest men alive." He said.

He helped me up. 

"I'll train you, so you can get used to your speed. And how..." He phased his hand vibrating it through the brick wall in front of us before pulling it back out.

"To do things like that." He smiled looking back at me.

To be honest. It did feel amazing, it felt like I could do almost anything in the world.

"Ok, i'll admit. You got me a bit shook." I chuckled. 

We both smiled but then heard someone talking through my scroll. I pulled it out. Harley panted telling us how she needed help. Future me heard it too and we both nodded. We sped down towards where she was.

                                                                                                     (F/n's POV)

We were on our way back to where we all were going to meet until we heard Harley screaming for help through our scrolls.

"Where are you guys?!" Yang asked through the scroll.

"MOMMYYY!!!" We turned to the side to see Blake, Sun, and Harley getting chased by a huge ass Transformer looking thing.

"Uhh I think that was them." Tevin said.

"Alright lets go then." She said as we all ran in the same direction.

We all hopped on cars as they were leading us to them. We all were on a highway above ground and were surfing our way to them. The huge robot took note of this and pushed cars causing them to fly in the air towards us. The cars we were riding on started swiveling causing us to start falling off before we fell. Suddenly in a Flash we saw two blue lightning bolts catch us. I looked up and saw Kai who was running at insane speed. 

"K-Kai!?" I stammered.

"Hah hah! Crazy right?!" He yelled cheerfully.

We looked over at Future Kai who was wearing his Yellow and Red Suit, he had Neptune and Yang under his arms.

"Good thing I just ate enough calories! Or else I wouldn't be this fast!" He Beamed.

They both sped up faster towards the mech. 

"Oi! Neptune Ima launch you towards the Robot and I need you to impale it with your weapon!" Future Kai hollered. 

Neptune agreed and was launched onto the mech. He turned his gun into a spear and thrusted it into the mech. This eventually pissed it off and it started twisting around causing Neptune to flail around. Eventually it twisted one more time causing him to fly backwards hitting into Sun knocking them both off the highway. Weiss hopped onto the highway and caused the ground to freeze. The mech started slipping and tripped off the highway landing on the ground below. We hopped down and got with Team RWBY. Weiss caused the floor to freeze one more time and Tevin smashed his gauntlets into the ground causing a mist to appear around us. The mech had no idea where we were. 

"Kai we have to repeatedly go in circles around it as fast as you can so we can create a wind funnel. Joker once we make the tornado you need to throw your cards into it." Future Kai called to us.

We nodded and both Kai's ran in circles around the mech. It tried to shoot at them but they all missed. A mini tornado started to form but then gradually got bigger. The mech started ascending off the ground. The tornado eventually got so big you couldn't see the mech inside it anymore.

"Joker Now!" Kai yelled.

I grabbed about 5 cards and threw them all into the tornado. We heard explosions inside. When the dust cleared Roman ejected out of the mech. 

"I just got that cleaned!" He yelled angrily, he dusted himself off.

Yang tried to shoot a missile at him but was blocked by a little girl with an umbrella. Seriously, do people just like appearing out of nowhere? 

"Neo if you would?" The girl pulled up her umbrella but did nothing. I threw a card at them. It exploded but they shattered into nothingness. We looked around and saw a bullhead with them in it. They flew away and escaped.

"Looks like they've got a new henchmen." Yang said going back to normal.

"Yeah, looks like they made our plans...fall apart." Weiss joked.

I laughed at how bad the joke was, but mainly because she actually said a joke.

"Ehh no" Yang said.

"W-What but you do it!" She stuttered.

"It was a time and place for jokes." She said before walking off.

"Is this not it?" Weiss questioned.

"Nah it just wasn't good." Yang replied back.

We all headed back to Beacon to rest after that.

                                                                                        (Timeskip brought to you by Kai)

                                                                                                          F/n's POV

Right now my team and team RWBY were watching both Kai's having a race to see who's faster. While we were watching, someone bumped into me.
I turned around to see a raven haired beauty with amber eyes. She apologized and started walking away with a guy who had black slicked hair. Huh she looks familiar.
Sorry the part took a while I had to get rid of some issues anyway onward to the story!

I also decided to change up the characters dialogue to make it less sloppy looking 


                                                                                                             (F/n)'s POV

   I stretched my arms and yawned as I sat upright on my bed and looked at my team. All of them seemed to be still sleeping except Kai. "Hey", I said as I stood up from my bed. " I wasn't able to sleep last night." He said as he looked up at me, "Why's that?", I questioned the messy haired cowboy. "A nightmare..." He replied, "I know what that feels like.", I said remembering the dream I had on Monday, I jumped out of bed, took a shower, brushed my teeth, and got dressed. Kai got out of his bed and walked into the bathroom turning on the shower. It was Friday so we were free for three days.

   It was 7:59, the others liked sleeping until 11:00 so Kai and I decided to go explore out into Vale. Kai pulled out a cigarette and asked if I wanted one. I nodded my head and he passed one to me. As we looked around we could see people putting up decorations and a sign that said Welcome To Vale. "Oh yeah I forgot about the Vytal Festival", Kai said as we looked up at the decorations everywhere. We looked around to also see many people walking through the streets. We eventually walked towards the Docks and had a friendly conversation. We leaned against the railings as we looked over the beautiful sea. we looked to the right and saw a ship, most likely holding students from Vacuo. "I heard we have to face those students at the tournament.", Kai said. I rested my elbow on his shoulder and encouraged him, "Don't worry bud we'll show them what team JSTR is really about.", I said with a chuckle.

   Suddenly we heard a deep voice behind us. We turned around to see a group of men, consisting of at least 10. "You're Joker right?" He asked looking my way. These guys looked familiar so I was suspicious. "Yes, it is... What's it to ya.", I asked. They started walking closer to us. It was then I noticed they were the people that tried robbing the store from a while ago. "Kai these are bad guys." I said whispering into his ear as he nodded. "You need to come with us.", The guy said as he tried putting his hand on my shoulder. I grabbed his arm and flipped him backwards. The rest then became hostile and came at us. One ran at me and I blocked his punch. I sprayed him with gas knocking him out. "Nighty Night.", I said with a laugh. I grabbed my blades and threw them at the three coming next landing in their throats causing them to fall over. I teleported their bodies away into some alleyway. I looked over at Kai who seemed to be doing well himself. He kicked the last one away into the water. I chuckled, "Nice one." We turned and saw the last guy. We gulped as he was about 6,9. "Hoooly Shit." I heard Kai say next to me. "You could say that again." I said. 

   The guy then pulled out a huge ass machine gun, by that point Kai and I hopped over a little ramp for cover. I pulled out my knives and bombs. I looked over at Kai who had nothing. "Where's your revolvers and sand grenades?" I asked him. "I left them back in our dorm. I thought Vale was supposed to be a peaceful city?!" He replied back. "Well obviously you haven't been here for a long time then my friend." I said while taking a little peek over the railing to get greeted to bullets ripping through the air, I immediately ducked in time. "Ok...This is the part where we run!!" I said as I grabbed him by his shirt collar and hulled him up. We ran into the streets. We should be safe here since theres many people watching. We looked behind us to still see him chasing us, though he did hide his gun. Fine he wants us? then he can get us. We ran into a alleyway and waited for him to come. I told Kai i'm going to hide on top of the roof of the apartment above us and land on the guy below us while he distracts him. He nodded and I vanished into a green mist into the top of the roof. I looked down to see the guy walking into the alleyway. "Tell me where he is or i'll blow a hole in your head" he said pointing his gun at Kai. He looked at him innocently and started pointing in different directions stating that I could be here, there, over there, or even over there. "Hey, do I look in the mood to be playing games." He threatened Kai. I stood on the edge and then dropped down I landed on his back causing him to fall on the ground. When I landed I was sure I felt a few cracks. Kai helped me up as we looked down at the knocked out guy. "Another one bites the dust." Kai said. I laughed as we high fived each other.

   We eventually put the guy in jail as long with the other ones. We walked around town looking for something to do when someone texted me. I pulled out my scroll to see Tevin asking where we were. I texted him back explaining we were in the City. He said he'll meet us with Harley there. I put away my scroll to see team RWBY who were in front of cop infested store that seemed like it was just recently robbed. We decided to greet the all girl team. "Hey gals!" I yelled towards them. They looked back and noticed us. " Sup Joker! Hey Kai~" Yang said while teasing Kai. "Liking this gig more every minute." Kai said while drooling. I slapped his back bringing him back into reality. "So what happened at this joint?" I asked looking around. "Apparently a robbery." Ruby explained to us. "Hey! Someone stop that Faunus!" we turned around to see two cops chasing a monkey Faunus on the Vacuo ship. "Thanks for the ride guys!" He then started running in our direction. (Queue slow motion scene!) He ran past Blake and gave a wink towards her, I put out my foot causing him to trip and slide across the pavement (End Slow Motion Scene). Kai and I ran up to him and tackled him. We all struggled to grab each other. "HAH! GOTCHA!" Kai said cheerfully as he grabbed his foot. *Cough* He looked up and saw that he had my leg and immediately let go. "Sorry." He apologized, we noticed he slid through us and was running down the street. "Quick! We have to observe him!" Weiss exclaimed as we started to chase after him. We turned a corner when Weiss bumped into a girl causing them both to fall over. We looked on to see that the Faunus dude escaped.

   "Salutations!" We looked down to see a rather peculiar girl. Weiss jumped off her and dusted herself off. "Are you ok?" Yang asked. We all looked at each other. "Do you wanna get up?" Ruby asked. "Yes!" She exclaimed as she got up. We all greeted ourselves to the newcomer. "Well sorry we ran into you." Weiss said while we started walking away. "Take care friend!" Ruby said as she said goodbye to the girl. "Now where did that Faunus go off to?" Weiss questioned. We couldn't get even 6 feet away until the same girl appeared in front of us, scaring Kai so much he fell on his butt making me laugh. "What'd you call me?" The orange haired girl asked us, Yang thought she was talking about her until she started walking towards Ruby. "You..." She said getting up close to Ruby's face, Ruby then was confused. "You called me friend. Am I really your friend?" she questioned. She looked at us for confirmation. I quickly shook my head. Kai mouthed No. "Uh Yeah S-Sure." She answered. I face palmed. The orange haired girl laughed cheerfully. "Sensational!" She yelled. "We can paint our nails, try on clothes, and talk about cute boys!" She exclaimed. "Like me right?" Kai said while flashing a smile. "Sure!" She answered. He threw his fist into the air cheerfully. The girl went on to explain how she was from Vacuo and her name was Penny. "Does that mean you know this monkey tailed rapscallion?" She asked showing a picture of a badly drawn portrait of the Faunus. "The Who?" She asked dumbfounded. "The Filthy Faunus from the boat!" Weiss answered. Blake had a angry look on her face,"Why do you keep saying that, Stop calling him a rapscallion and a degenerate. He's a person!" Blake clammered. "Oh I'm sorry. Would you like me to stop referring the trashcan as a trashcan?" Weiss asked pointing to the nearby trash. She also said the same pointing to the lamp post. "Stop it!" Blake yelled angrily. "Stop what? He clearly broke the law." She questioned. "Given time he'll probably join up with those other Faunus and the White Fang." They turned turned into a full blown argument. I was wondering if we should do something, but decided against it to let them handle it out.

   They kept arguing when we suddenly heard a big boom. We turned to our right to see a portal/rift looking thing open up in the street. Eventually this grabbed the attention of a lot of people. We gathered around inspecting the Portal. Same with other people. All of a sudden a person ran out of the portal with amazing speed, wearing a red and yellow spandex suit with goggles. His cowl was open at the top having his messy hair stick out.                                                                                                                   

(The Outfit looks like this…   The ones Kid Flash)

   He lifted his googles up before looking down and taking a breather. "Oh man! Tevin was right about how tiring the Speed Force is." He said as he looked up at us. We all looked in shock when we's KAI!?!? I may be crazy but this is beyond my kind of crazy. This Kai looked older probably 21.

   "Oh I remember this place! Many good memories." He said while looking around. His eyes eventually landed on us. His expression was filled with happiness but with sadness as well. He looked around to see many people looking at him. "Ok shows over peeps!" He said while they went on with their business. He turned his attention to us, the first person was himself. "Hah! I remember that old Cowboy getup. Though I was never really was a good one." He said pacing around younger him who was mildly confused. He eventually turned towards me. His expressions had mixed feelings in them when he looked at me. "Joker! I loved your old purple leather jacket, it suited you!" He said grabbing onto my shoulders. He looked at Blake who was next. "Hey Blake!" He looked at her bow and his brows furrowed. "So this is before everyone knew." We made a confused face except Blake's who had wide eyes to what he said. He then went to Ruby,"Ruby! Tevin's girlfri- Oops shouldn't spoil!" He said quickly. He moved to the Ice queen. "Hey Weiss!" He said cheerfully. He then looked down at her chest. " Your breast size became much bigger!" He said poking her chest. Causing her to slap his hand away and blush angrily. And then lastly..... was Yang. "And Yang beautiful as you've ever been" He said as he looked at her with sad eyes.
He then backed up and had a cheerful face again. He put down his Cowl revealing his face which had a scar down his cheek. He looked towards all of us. "So...You all must be pretty confused on what's happening. But don't worry I'll fill you in. But First! Do you guys have a Big Belly Burger yet?" He questioned as he looked around at us if we have the answer.


                                                                                    (Timeskip Brought To You By Older Kai)

   "So you're saying you're Kai from the future?" I asked as he shoves handfuls of fries into his mouth. "Yep!" He mumbled as he squirted ketchup on top of the mountain of fries in his mouth before gulping them down. "And you're here to rearrange some problems?" Ruby asked as he munched down on his burger. "Basically the scoop." He said as he finished his burger. "Hey so, what're we like in the future?" I asked him. He went back to his sad face as I said that. "Not a lot. Tevin became a scientist and Harley... Harley went into a Insane Asylum." I looked down knowing I most likely hurt him a little. "So why aren't you a cowboy any more?" Younger Kai asked intrigued. He shifted his sitting position, "Well lets just say our weapons broke. And I grew out of the childhood dream. Also an accident occurs you to get this speed." He explained to him. Weiss moved closer "Tell me are there any putrid Faunus still at work?" I heard Weiss ask, Blake looked over with a furious look on her face. "Tch what's your problem?" Blake angrily asked Weiss. "What's my problem? What's your problem? You've been pestering me about this ever since the evening. You want to know why I despise the White Fang? It's because they're a bunch of liars, thieves, and murderers!."

   "Well maybe it's because we're tired of being pushed around!" Blake yelled causing their jaws to hit the floor. "Yikes, I remember this part." Older Kai said breaking the silence. She gasped realizing what she said then ran out of the dorm. "Wait you guys didn't know she was a Faunus?" I questioned them. "Wait, you knew?" they asked. "Yeah, it was pretty obvious since her bow would often twitch a lot. I just thought it was a simple fashion statement." I explained confused. Future Kai sat up and stretched his arms a bit, "Anyways you guys should try to find her. I know a certain monkey who already caught up with her." Older Kai said. 


                                                                                 (Timeskip Brought To You By Older Kai)

   We were on the streets looking for Blake, by calling her name. By this point it was already dark. "Blake!" We all yelled. "I already know where she is ya know." Older Kai said. "What!?" We all said looking at him. He looked at us with a smile, "Yeah she's by the docks with crates." He said to us. Before we could say anything else, he already ran away with amazing speed. "I'm gonna have to get used to that." I said while rubbing the back of my neck. We all ran to the docks and stopped by a railing. We looked over and saw Blake and that Monkey Faunus about to get crushed by a crate falling on them. "Blake!" We all shouted for her to move. Before anything happened something flashed by them and pushed them out of the way. It slowed down to reveal Kai. We looked around to see the White Fang being lead by that guy I saw trying to rob that store the other week. We all jumped down and ran by Blake's side. "Ya know, when I have you on your knees you'll be begging for a joke." I cackled pulling out my knives. "Oh well hello Clown looks like we meet again." He aimed his cane at me. "You know Cinder is real interested in you." I was curious of who Cinder was. "Who's Cinder?" I asked. "You'll find out soon enough Clown" He shot a flare at me which I dodged and ran up towards him. He tried punching me which I blocked and kicked him in the face moving him back. He was stunned for a bit but came back. I tried kicking kneeing him to the face but he blocked it with his cane. He punched me back and hit me in the gut with his cane. He tried getting a few jabs in but they all went past my head. I was looking for his weak spot. I found one on his knee. "Gotcha" I ducked under him and kicked the back of knee triggering him to fall. I looked over at the others who were taking care of the bullheads. The orange haired guy took this my distraction and wack the back of my head dazing me for a bit. I turned around to see him run into a bullhead. "Damn he didn't get to hear my joke." I said with a laugh.

   Cops eventually showed up and questioned us. Weiss and Blake also made up. "Wait a minute wheres Penny?" Ruby asked. We all looked around for the ginger for her to be unfound. We all laughed about how crazy the night was. 

                                                                                                    (Future Kai's POV)

   We all laughed and had a friendly conversation. I looked over at the beautiful Blonde Yang. Soon she'll be younger me's girlfriend. I smiled at the thought but then turned into a sad one. I'll make sure Joker never hurts you. Never Again.

                                                                                                          (Cinder's POV)

   "Cinder our men has fallen" One of my soldiers came up to me. I sighed. "Fine, looks like we'll use our new Agent." I turned around to my desk and held down on the Comms. "Bruce Wayne to my office I have a job for you." 



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