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Spider-Man! Male Reader x Ruby Pt.3
                                                                                                     (Cass's POV)
I looked down the city as I sat on the edge of a tower. I like gazing at the night time city, because I get to run away from the haunting memories of my past. Just remembering them fuels me with anger and sadness. I brushed my fingers against my scars on
:iconimdishonorable:ImDishonorable 18 8
Off The Wall! by ImDishonorable Off The Wall! :iconimdishonorable:ImDishonorable 0 0 Identity. by ImDishonorable Identity. :iconimdishonorable:ImDishonorable 8 0
Spider-Man! Male Reader x Ruby Pt.2
Hey guys, Kai back with the second part of this series. First off, for the people who are waiting for the next part of the Joker series, it's gonna be on hold for now because I've lost little interest in it. Unless you guys can give me more positivity or if I gain back interest it'll be a while till you see another episode. Anyways, ONTO THE STORY!!!
:iconimdishonorable:ImDishonorable 18 13
If I was in South Park by ImDishonorable If I was in South Park :iconimdishonorable:ImDishonorable 0 0
Spider-Man! Male Reader x Ruby Pt.1
I just saw the new Spiderman Homecoming movie and I got to say, IT WAS AWESOME! He fit Peter's roll well, the geeky kid who also has the humorous side of Spidey. Since the movie just came out I decided to celebrate with this fan fic. First of all this is an AU so most of the stuff will be different. ENJOI!
Before you read, Note that the reader's outfit is the handmade one. The real Spider outfit will come later.
:iconimdishonorable:ImDishonorable 41 18
Male Reader x Captain Marvel (1/2)
Warning: Strong Language up ahead.

(L/n) - Last name
(S/n) - Superhero name
                                                                                                          (Kamf's POV)
"Ay Man, you see mah new Iphone?" Cal asked.
I scoffed.
"I got one, I don't like the shit." I replied.
"Shiiit I love mah Iphone, this shit could do anythin and everythin." He said while looking down at his phone.
"Yeah, Everythin except makin a fuckin phone call." I snapped back.
Currently Cal and I were on our way to one of the most expensive buildings in New York. Stark towers. We dressed up to look like we're Handymen with Coveralls. I held on tight to the suitcase that was supposed to look like it had tools,
:iconimdishonorable:ImDishonorable 13 3
Joker! Male Reader x Cinder Part.6
Again, I'm sorry it took a while. I was busy handling some problems in my life. Anyways heres the story.
                                                                                                   (Tevin's POV)
Today was the day Future Kai was leaving. It's been quite an adventure during the past few months. Right now we were on a cliff. Future Kai and Present Kai were trying to create a portal for him to go back to his own Timeline. Both Kai's were running in circles with their super speed. Eventually a little portal started forming. The portal was then big enough fo
:iconimdishonorable:ImDishonorable 16 6
Ed Wuncler iii by ImDishonorable Ed Wuncler iii :iconimdishonorable:ImDishonorable 2 0
JJBA x Akame Ga Kill! (CANCELED)
Kai here. If you haven't already check out my other story. This is another series I wanna see if it will be good or not. I still need to finish the other one but i'm the type too easily go off trail. Anyways to the story!
:iconimdishonorable:ImDishonorable 10 11
Joker! Male Reader x Cinder Pt.5
Welcome to another part of this series Enjoi!
                                                                                                      (Kai's POV)
It's been weeks since that battle happened. We told Tevin and Harley about what happened including Future me. Anyways we told Ozpin he was my older twin who came to visit me. He bought it surprisingly and let him stay for about a 2 months and gave him a bigger uniform. A lot of things happened since that time. Right now we were in our second semester. Team RWBY were really interested in the White Fang and find
:iconimdishonorable:ImDishonorable 6 11
Kai (Casual)  by ImDishonorable Kai (Casual) :iconimdishonorable:ImDishonorable 2 0 Team JSTR (RWBY) For Male Reader insert by ImDishonorable Team JSTR (RWBY) For Male Reader insert :iconimdishonorable:ImDishonorable 0 7
Joker! Male Reader x Cinder Pt.4
Sorry the part took a while I had to get rid of some issues anyway onward to the story!
I also decided to change up the characters dialogue to make it less sloppy looking 
:iconimdishonorable:ImDishonorable 12 14
Ed and Rummy (Boondocks) by ImDishonorable Ed and Rummy (Boondocks) :iconimdishonorable:ImDishonorable 3 0
Joker! Male Reader x Cinder Pt.3
We made it to part 3! Thanks for the support guys it means a lot especially since this is my first male reader fic. Anyway... Onwards to the story!
(F/F) - Favorite Food
(H/C) - Hair Color
                                                                                                             (F/n)'s POV
     I was having a strange dream. I saw a boy, probably around 13 or 14. I saw the kid walking outside on a street at night. I followed him as he turned to the left.
(Kid) - *sigh* My parents are arguing about money again.
:iconimdishonorable:ImDishonorable 19 9
My content, Enjoi!

........('(...´...´.... ¯~/'...')
..........''...\.......... _.·´


Mature content
Code Geass CC x Male Reader CH1 :iconanoraan:Anoraan 29 17
From Bad To Good
I write this part... Cause I need to think off something for my other stories... So yeah
(F/N)- Fake Name
(F/L/N)- Fake Last Name
-Two hours later readers P.O.V.-
I got up from my bed and look outside. It was already dark. I stare at the moon before grabbing my guns and heading outside. I got out from my room and went to Vale. I didn't see anyone in the base or while I was going to Vale.
I soon got their to see lights and darkness and... Nobody. I sigh and started to walk around didn't care about anyone. I continue to walk when I hear someone. "Hey! What are you doing here so late?" A female voice came from behind me "Not your business" I say and started to walk, but soon I couldn't walk anymore. "She already warn you" A male voice came and I look at them. The Male was controlling me with a shadow under my legs and the Female looking at me. "Aren't you two to Young... Cause I think you both have already miss your bed time" I s
:iconshadowreaperspy:ShadowReaperSpy 8 2
2B X A2 nier .yuri Mature tag. by sakimichan
Mature content
2B X A2 nier .yuri Mature tag. :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 3,999 0
Nami. nude tag. by sakimichan
Mature content
Nami. nude tag. :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 3,790 0
Nami .nsfw optional. by sakimichan Nami .nsfw optional. :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 11,306 235 X Ahri .yuri tag. by sakimichan
Mature content X Ahri .yuri tag. :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 4,615 0
Holy Trinity of Youtube + SPEEDPAINT by Konoira Holy Trinity of Youtube + SPEEDPAINT :iconkonoira:Konoira 3,363 136
Rebirth: Samus x Male corrupted! Reader Part 3!
Hello erribody who reads DIS story! Welcome to the Chapter three to Rebirth!
I deeply apoligize for the long arse wait!!! xD i had this chapter done and forgot it existed xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
This is kinda a funny chapter cx >0
:iconkinglykingsofburrito:Kinglykingsofburrito 18 3
Mature content
War and Love ( Ana x Male!Reader ) :iconpsajchol:Psajchol 47 15
Misty by sakimichan Misty :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 19,569 472
Mature content
Prison of Love: The accomplice :icontevintaffy:TevinTaffy 3 15
Nick n Judy by sakimichan Nick n Judy :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 28,618 908 Mia Winters by Esther-Shen Mia Winters :iconesther-shen:Esther-Shen 644 48
Yang cheater x Male x Winter! Mistakes! Part 8
Sorry for the wait, but part 8 is here!!!! Let's find out if (y/n) and Winter will make up! ONTO THE READ!
???: ...(y/n).
You heard a voice calling your name.
???: ...(y/n)!
You tossed to one side...
???: ...(Y/N)!!!!
You jolted up... But... You weren't in the bedroom... You were sitting in a chair... In a dark room, with a single light hanging in front of you.
(y/n): What the?-
You then covered your mouth, and a tear streamed down your face.
(y/n): M-my voice! It's back!!!
You got up from the chair, and jumped up and down, you were so happy you could hear your own voice again... You then looked around.
(y/n): Hello? Anyone there?
???: Come to me child.
You saw a shadowed figure walk towards you.
(y/n): Who are you? How is my voice back? Where am I?
The figure sighed.
???: In time... You will know.
The figure walked over, and touched your head... Y
:iconnubsthecaterpie:NubsTheCaterpie 101 91
Monochrome (Fem!Rin x Male!Demon!Reader) Part 2
[Part One]
Monochrome AU:Everyone sees in black/white tones until they meet their soulmate.
You stuffed your hands into your pockets, sighed, and kicked a stone down the road. From underneath your hood, you could see the raindrops that pelted the earth relentlessly. The weather looked as bleak as your mood.
You had come back to True Cross Academy Town for the first time in ten years. It didn't look like it had change much, but the barriers had been a lot harder for you to cross than the last time you'd been here. Before you'd walked out of Rin's wedding.
A frown distorted your face, and you turned your gaze down to the cobblestone streets. You'd done your best to keep her out of your head for the past decade. It hadn't been easy, but you'd been trying. Now something had drawn you back. You weren't even sure if Rin was still here anymore, or what had happened to her and B
:iconshadowsbyday:ShadowsByDay 109 2,578
jackson by saekkie jackson :iconsaekkie:saekkie 19 11




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Again, I'm really sorry i've been gone for a while, Schools literally been the only thing on my mind for the past weeks. If you understand I appreciate it and I thank you. Anyways the next story should be coming most likely somewhere this week or early next week.
I'm gonna be on vacation for awhile so until then, Love Yall
 Hey guys a little more info on the Joker Male Reader Story. The reader is a good guy... even though he likes to kill. Yes Harley will be in the story but it's not Cinder. In this story Harley is going to have a brother and sister like relationship with the reader. I know it's different then the comics and movies but get used to it. Batman will come too but in the form of a villain. The reader's weapons consist of the toxic gas flower, knives, revolver and shock buzzer that knocks people out.

Kai~  Joker Thinking 


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